Located in Montrose, the Shi Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic is run by Dr. Shang-Jin Shi.

He uses his expertise in traditional Chinese medicine and evidence-based practices to serve the greater Houston area.

Average Rating: 5.0 stars (based on 24 ratings)

I have been coming to Dr shi for over a year. I had herniated three discs in my back and after months of PT and chiropractor visits, I was getting very discouraged. I came to him for help and he was very sweet and nice about it. A few months of consistent acupuncture and I was able to walk normal, sit normal, and feel myself again. A few more months and i started to play sports again! During my visits he noticed I had three large bunions on my feet. He told me he could remove those in 3-4 weeks with consistent treatment. I had been told I could only remove them with surgery! Low and behold, my feet are now bunion free!
He is the BEST!
Jamil Madni
Dr. Shi recommended an herbal treatment for me that provided excellent health benefits. He is a true professional. I highly recommend his services.
Keith Allen
Dr. Shi is the best. Went there with a swollen foot, limping and the pain level was 10. Dr Shi explained to me about the treatment, helped me out and treated it to its perfection. I am now walking and driving as well and i would recommend him any day, any time. Will definately be back with no doubt. Thank you so much for the help.
Edna Kathini
I’ve been seeing Dr. Shang for about a month now. I have chronic shoulder/neck tension and other pain that stems from that. I had visited two other acupuncturists before finding him, and his treatments have been the most effective in alleviating pain and giving me back mobility. The first time I came in was due to a bad flare up. I couldn’t get out of bed without assistance. I had constant pulsing pain all over the left side of my body and after the first visit, it calmed radiating pain to the points of origin.
I am able to comfortable drive again.
I brought my sister in this week- who had seen another acupuncturist for a year and does intensive yoga for her chronic muscle tension and pain, numbness. She said she felt like she was “floating” with how much better she felt.He is very thorough and caring.
Leslie Nguyen
I went to see Dr. Shi because I pulled a muscle in my lower back and had been in pain for about 6 weeks. There were a few days during that time period that I could barely even walk. I had never tried acupuncture before, and to be honest, I was a little skeptical. But a good friend of mine referred me to the Shi Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic, and my friend said that he was very happy with the results that he had from the treatments. I was in so much pain that I was desperate and willing to try about anything, so I gave it a try.

The facility was extremely clean and Dr. Shi was very courteous and professional. His initial evaluation and assessment of my injury was very thourough. He was also flexible on scheduling appointments and willing to stay late beyond his normal business hours to accommodate my limited availability do to my work schedule.

I started feeling relief after my first visit and was completely pain free after my second visit. He was able to fix a problem that neither my family doctor nor my chiropractor could fix.

I’m very happy with the overall experience and with the results from the acupuncture. I would definitely recommend Shi Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic!!

Joel S.
I began seeing Dr.Shi on the 10/8/2018 due to serious constipation. My first appointment was about 2.5 hours long. Dr. Shi actually listened to my every word and made detailed notes of our conversation. He informed me about the process of acupuncture, made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. Dr.Shi prepared  herbs for me to drink in tea form for my constipation. He instructed me on how much to drink based on how often I was having bowel movements. Before seeing Dr.Shi I was having bowel movements once every other week. With Dr Shi help and advice I am now able to have regular bowel movement …….at least three times a week without the tea!!!!!!
Tania Bonilla
I have been a patient of Dr. Shi’s for a few years now and I come to him with my many injuries and have always come out feeling a lot better after the first visit. I do follow-up visits as it’s customary and he’s always been able to accommodate to my odd schedules.
I’ve recommended him to friends and family alike and they’ve always had great experience and prompt recovery from whatever illness they present him with.
Come see the man. You will become a regular like me!
Luis O Perez
Dr. Shi gave me a cream for athletes foot or form of fungus, and it healed very quickly. He is very thorough, and you will leave understanding exactly what was done, and what your creams or herbs will do.
Sage McReynolds
Dr. Shi is the very best! I have had a reasonable amount of experience with acupuncture and this man knows his stuff. He is very concerned with identifying and addressing your overall heath and takes his time not to rush you through without making sure that you have a clear understanding of what he proposes. We are very fortunate that he is in our area, but I would drive quite a distance to get this level of quality care.
Richard Pearson
Dr. Shi is awesome! I’ve had chronic lower back and shoulder pain for years… Nothing worked until I did therapy with Dr. Shi! He listens well and is very skilled. I highly recommend him.
Russell Schulze
I went to Dr. Shi after being diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. It was my first experience with acupuncture and I was terrified at first, but Dr. Shi quickly made my worries go away. His treatment helped greatly in my recovery from Bell’s Palsy.

Also, he was always able and willing to meet me after 5pm or on Saturday mornings.

Dan Hurwitz
Dr. Shi is excellent and I highly recommend him. He is very caring and very concerned for his patients. He takes time to hear what the issue is and makes his patients feel comfortable with the treatment. I can honestly say I was leery of acupuncture, but the needles are very thin and Dr. Shi is very skilled. You can just relax during the sessions.

I first went to Dr. Shi in 2016 with severe neck and shoulder pain. After physical therapy and muscle relaxers failing to reduce pain. I had to try acupuncture and turned to it as a last resort. Within the first 2 session had pain relief and within 6 sessions was pain free. Along with acupuncture, cupping and the herbal heat patches allowed me to fully recover. I have continued to make acupuncture part of my health care routine.

Opal Desaire
Great experience with Dr. Shi. He’s patience and takes his time to be sure is covering all aspects of the situation. I liked that the most because doctors are usually in a rush to see lots of patients. Dr. Shi applied acupuncture to dissolve cysts on my scalp and make hair grow again. He took pictures and measurements during the treatment.
Ana Maria Salas
I went to Dr. Shi with many issues, specifically fibromyalgia. I had knee, hip, elbow, neck, and back pain. I also suffer from migraines. He was very thorough when learning about my problems and spent a lot of time with me. He also explained the history of acupuncture to me and even showed me the process of inserting the needles and made me watch to help calm my nerves (I was a very anxious patient!). I went for several sessions and the difference I feel is night and day. I had a hard time walking the first day I went in because my knee and hip hurt so much and now I barely notice either. Thank you, Dr. Shi!
Stephen L
Dr Shi is the best one I have ever encountered!!! I got a treatment for teeth grinding. It was a complete success. I recommend him to everyone. He is a medical doctor in China and doing acupuncture here in the USA. He has phD degree and always goes for seminars around the world. He is extremely knowledgable. He follows up with his clients by text message. I never hesitate asking questions via text or in person. His clinic is very clean and spacious. The rooms are very big, dark and quiet. There will be nothing bothering you while you are getting your treatment. He has heating lamps on top of you. He sets the alarm so you know you are getting what you paid for. If you need a treatment you should try once then you will be hooked!!!
Sebnem Korur
[Dr.] Shi is my favorite acupuncturist I have ever had, I think everyone should try it for stress relief it’s literally the best thing ever. Also in the past I had insomnia and he helped resolve the issue. Whenever I go I feel like a new person after my sessions. He is very kind and caring and takes his time. The office is super organized and clean.
Monica S
I had the most pleasant experience at Shi Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic. I have chronic pain and see an acupuncturist regularly at home, but needed an acupuncturist while I was in town for the summer. My acupuncturist at home recommended Shi Acupuncture and I am so glad that she did! The acupuncture brought great relief, the customer service was better than perfect, and Dr. Shang-Jin Shi was so wonderful. I wish I could give more than 5 stars!! Best acupuncture ever, I could not be more pleased with my treatment.
Lilly Bomberg
Dr. Shi is great! Very thoughtful, caring and goes above and beyond. If in need of acupuncturist, Dr. Shi is who I’d recommend.
David Bockoven
Dr. Shi is wonderful and I think the reason my husband and I conceived after years of infertility and failed fertility treatments. I had acupuncture 2-3 times a week during both of our IVF treatments. It helped me relax as well as provided optimum conditions for our embryo transfer. Our first IVF treatment was successful and resulted in the birth of our son! Our second IVF treatment was also successful and I am currently pregnant! I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am for Dr. Shi!
Catherine Henshaw
Today I completed 11 weeks of accupuncture trediatment twice a week, and I really think my anxiety/panic/fear condition has faded significantly. I feel stronger and more confident. Shang Shi surely has the healing touch. A great gift for a very fine and caring person. I recommend him without reservation
Daniel Fulmer
Dr. Shang-Jin Shi was very thorough and explained the complete acupuncture process. This was my first visit at his clinic and I was impressed with the hour long physical assessment before starting acupuncture (strained hamstring from running & shoulder pain). I’ll be back next week for a follow-up and I defiantly recommend him for anyone looking for an acupuncturist.
Orlando Sandoval
When I first have experience with this Dr. Shi Accupunture it very impressed me and my husband we come to Houston for visit and expropriation we have long drive from home to here so we both got sore,pain from muscle all over the body and he can fix the problem pain and stiffness and stress gone,Dr.Shi he have very good experience and good skill also he have good herbal I already have menupuse his herbs helping me control moods and sleep good every time when we come to Houston, we always go to see him and his clinics very nice and clean.
Thipyarat Pfeiffer
I came to Dr. Shi for anxiety, insomnia and a fast heart rate. He took lots of precautions and safety measures for COVID-19, which was great. He examined me throughly, asked a lot of questions and listened. After only 4 treatments i was sleeping better, better appetite, heart rate back to normal. This helped me avoid taking any medication. I am grateful. He will make you feel comfortable and answer all of your questions. He has lots of experience. I recommend giving him a try.
Breah P
Magical treatment. Highly experience and qualified doctor. Felt results from the first session for Sciatica. Clean location and all necessary precautions taken for COVID-19

Update: after 2nd session there was a huge difference in pain. Almost gone just in 2 sessions. He noticed some infection around my knee and gave a a complimentary ointment.

You cannot go wrong with Doctor.Shi

harshal patel

The clinic features three comfortable patient rooms, including one room for couples treatments.

Dr. Shang-Jin Shi

LAc, Ph.D., M.D. (China)