This review is long overdue, but I’m so glad I found Dr. Shi. I was in search for an acupuncturist in hopes of bettering my chances with my IVF transfer. If I did my research earlier, I would’ve visited Dr. Shi way before I started IVF. I visited Dr. Shi two weeks before my transfer and had treatment 3 times a week up until I received my pregnancy results. Dr. Shi focused on fertility and anxiety acupuncture. I have high anxiety and every time I finished my session I would feel very calm and relaxed. I’m thrilled to share that I am 25 weeks pregnant (one round of IVF and first transfer too!). Dr. Shi is very polite, attentive, and accommodating. He was thorough with my IVF schedule and built an acupuncture schedule around it. He even came in his day off to accommodate my transfer date. He would also reach out to check in after how my transfer went and how I was doing from time to time. I would highly recommend Dr. Shi! I plan on revisiting when I need acupuncture again for my anxiety and to address other issues.