I never write reviews but I have to share our experience with Dr. Shi. My friend hurt her back on July 1st 2022. She couldn’t move or sleep. She was in a horrible pain, it made her cry. On July 5th we found Dr. Shi on google, he gave her an appointment that same day. She came into his office with the help of a walker with pain 10/10, and after the first session we saw improvements. We left and she was walking on her own. From 4 consecutive visits to Dr Shi, my friend’s pain went from the highest amount of pain imaginable 10/10 down to a 4/10. We visited Dr. Shi a total of 7 times and my friend’s back pain is completely gone. She was able to get back to her regular activities; she can now drive and cook all by herself. If anyone is experiencing a horrible amount of pain, please go visit Dr. Shi!! He’s seriously amazing, super professional, respectful, he gives detailed explanations, and he genuinely cares about his patients. He gives a permanent solution for the pain. I 100% recommend Dr. Shi!

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